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About CLIMA Nail Making Machine

CLIMA has been engaged in Nail Making Machine manufacturing & Nail Making Machine exporting for years. Our Nail Making Machine adopts advanced technology and is able to produce both common steel nails and special shaped steel nail. Our nail making machine production line comprises the equipments of Nail Making Machine, Wire Drawing Machine, Nail Washing Machine and other auxiliary equipments for nail making machine. Once started, the high quality nails will be produced automatically and continuously.


Technical flowchart

nail making machine procedure


Products directory


Nail Making Machine

nail making machine

Z94 new type nail making machine
Short nail making machine...



Auxiliary equipment for nail making machine

auxiliary equipments for nail making machine

Nail washing machine, nail cap striking machine, High-speed Thread Rolling Machine...





Wire Drawing Machine

wire drawing machine

L series dry type wire drawing machine, wet type drawing machine...



Auxiliary equipment for wire drawing machine

auxiliary equipments for wire drawing machine

Descaling Machine, Thermo-zinc Plating Take-up Machine...